About Us

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With the vision of serving the people at large La Capita Lifesciences was started by Mr. Atul Kolhe along with his beloved wife Dr. Pooja Atul Kolhe from the city of Amravati (Maharashtra) in the year 2012. Mr. Atul Kolhe had been working in pharma sector for about 15 Years .He had completed his masters in MBA Finance, with his working and administrative experiences the firm La Capita Lifesciences has been exploring and flurishing. In this development he got the kind support of his wife Dr. Pooja Atul Kolhe .She had completed her PhD in Chemistry and Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. We believe in ethical standard and integrity to our customer’s and families. Our aim is to bring the products base on scientific research which helps to improve human life and prolong the span of human life. With ethical promotion of the products to doctors our vision is to satisfy the needs of medical fraternity and ultimate customers. Our mission is to become one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in India. We believe that only a healthy body can enable a person to enjoy all the deserving experiences of life and be truly happy-"Healthy inside, Happy outside”. Service, Integrity, Quality, Customer, Satisfaction and Innovations are the core calues at La Capita Lifesciences. We had started our journey from our first product ‘’DRD’’ and till now we have more than 16 products on the basket and many more to come. La Capita Lifesciences is recognized in India as a company which is responsible for providing effective quality medicines to masses. We are delivering the wide range of drugs covering Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Dry Syrup, Powder, Ointments etc. Our mission is to provide ‘’ Responsible Health Care Products” which could reach to more peoples at affordable cost. Our all products are approved and manufacturing takes place in ISO, WHO and GMP certified units. We encourage the high quality products. The well being of people is our prime focus today and no doubt’s we have won the trust of many health professionals and people.


35/60 Gulshan Tower, 2nd Floor, Moffisal Plot, Amravati. 444601
+91 9970195525 / 8421869696